Wild Rice Days

September 2-5, 2016

It was a fabulous Wild Rice Days!  Thank you everyone!  The winner of the $750 is the person with button #799.  It was sold at Willey’s Sports Shop & Spirits or at the button booth on Saturday.  Please check your buttons!  I would love to give you your winnings!

Check back soon for more pictures!


 Button Winner

Our 2016 Frozen T-shirt Winner receiving his $200!  From left to right:  Barbie Martz, Kimberly Charlton, Danny Boesen, Josh Mills and son Emmet, Debbie Boesen and Bridy Dawson


Our helpful information booth volunteers!  From left to right:  Karley Eld, Grace Molitor-Johnson, Emily Johnson

WRD 2016 Lacy & Val Pic

WRD 2016 Parade Crowd Pic

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